sure Tori, style me any day!

Jun 8, 2012

 are you ready for this you guys?
i had the lovely opportunity to review this new DIY jewelry line called Styled by Tori Spelling
 and all i can say is
i. die.

yes friends, die.
they sent me more pieces than i even knew what to do with! the glam collection was so totally me!, gigantic with lots of gold... yes please!
here's how it works
{its seriously so easy you dont even need a tutorial!}

pick a top to a necklace, a bottom {or two in my case} and some connecters...
the best part is that you can pick to arrange them anyway you want!

there are a few different choices of connecters, i like this one the best

you just slip all your pieces onto the ring {it springs closed automatically}
and you're done!
seriously thats it!
you should know i have been wearing this necklace for a week straight!

the coolest part is that if my mood changes i can totally take it appart and swap out any piece to make new again! 

there are parts for earrings and braclets too {but there are no rules, so if you feel like hanging a tassel from your necklace do it!}
and even if you aren't a lover of all things gigantic there are opptions for every preference... no rules just amazing style, exactly the way you want it in less than two minutes with the option to change your mind {story of my life} anytime you want!

5below sunglasses, Styled by Tori Spelling necklace, top nade by me, Thrifted refashioned pants, Target clutch, F21 ring, Kohls shoes

you can find the pieces at Joanns and Michaels in four different collections Glitz, Glam, Noir and Boho something for everyone!

this is a paid campaign all of the oppinions are my own


  1. Ladies,

    While reaching out to women everywhere to share our free app with them, I discovered you. As one of four sisters also, your blog touched me. Thanks, think I'll email my sisters.

  2. Purplepixie26June 11, 2012

    Where's the comments? This stuff is fabulous!!!!!!!   MOM

  3. Oooh the gold rope is PERFECT with that outfit! So cute. Great paring my friends!

  4. I love how you put the gold necklace together. I LOVE That woven gold chain thing! So cool! You are so cute. :)

  5. What an awesome combination! Love it! And I love that you can take it back apart to mix and match... and then come back to this pairing again later! :)


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