two faced...

Jun 20, 2012

this is the after picture...
{the after i let my chidren "make me over" and then cleaned it off and re-did it...}

  this is Cora's half of my face... she demonstrated the "smokey eye" {according to her of course} with a sculpted cheek using the smear-it-down-to-the-jaw-line technique...

Eva's half was a classic eye with a defined crease {not too shabby actually!} her blush was almost in the right place... pretty good for a nine yr old! 
neither one of them attempted to work on my dark circles... they are novices after all!

honestly i was laughing so hard that im sure i didn't make it easy on them... we made a video {that needs some serious editing} that i will post eventually.... they both have expressed a serious interest in blogging and Eva said when she turns 18 her and i can be makeup artists together! at this very moment they are begging me to get off the computer and do some projects for their american girl dolls... too bad Eva shattered my camera {no lie, loooooong story...}
thats why i love these fancy phones, who needs cameras anymore! {k seriously i really do need a nice one, but you know what i mean!}
thank goodness for my android!

Walmart tee, Styled by Tori Spelling necklace, Old Navy pants {$2!} and Kohls wedges {not shown}

 if anyone is interested in the last make over Cora gave me you can check it out HERE

~Selina {sis#1}


  1. I think the girls did a great job!
    Your outfit is super cute and relaxed.

  2. carrie DimasJune 21, 2012

    I love when your girls do your make-up. They are in training to be pro's. It is obvious they have the gift. Love YaYa


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