and I wore it the very next day

Jul 30, 2012

T-Shirt~Walmart OP, Belt~Thrifted, Skirt~Thrifted, Lipstick~Revlon Sky Pink, Necklace~Made it!
Chain~Walmart, Beads~Joanns, Necklace findings~Hobby Lobby

I have been looking for a great statement necklace but all the ones in my price range looked and felt cheap so I decided to make one (less than 10.00).  I used this tutorial as a rough guide... goodness knows I'm not the best at following directions exactly, but the pictures were clear and explained the project perfectly.
Here is the link 


  1. Suuuuper cute!!

  2. Thanks eeesh!

  3. I love the necklace! It turned out so cute! Your skin looks amazing in these pictures!! I love your pink cheeks :)

  4. sisters4saymoreismoreAugust 01, 2012

    Thanks Whit! I use wet and wild blush Pearlescent Pink 831E. It is very pink and about 3.00, can't go wrong!

  5. OMGsh! I just made a necklace with the same beads!! I just did two strands and a pair of earrings though. lol. I love the color, so delicious!


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