hey elise, can i borrow your hair?

Jul 11, 2012

isn't it funny nowadays how hair extensions have become just another accessory for your outfit? hair today, gone tomorrow and nobody cares... so fun! so while getting ready for some serious thrifting i said 
"hey elise, can i borrow your hair?"
as soon as i said the words i started snickering... how do you borrow hair... exactly?

... i also borrowed her belt... 
hair and belts.
things that sisters share...

my girls will most likely never share hair extensions... 
blondies and brunettes rarely do... fortunately Elise's matched me perfectly!

thrifted top, Forever 21 belt {pack of three} thrifted jeggings, Simply Vera for Kohls shoes, Studio M nail polish , Bobbi Boss indiremi hair extentions
too bad i have to go back to MI soon without Elise and her hair... boo.


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  1. Elsha GuthrieJuly 11, 2012

    I also find that really strange how you can have a bob one day and Native American "I've never cut my hair in my life" hair the next and no one even blinks an eye. Geez! People these days ;)


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