if i'm embarrased then i know its funny....

Jul 24, 2012

thrifted blouse and skirt, Forever 21 locket necklace, Dollar Tree sunglasses, Kohls shoes

i was watching the speacial features {my favorite pastime} of Nacho Libre {best movie ever} when i heard Jack Black say that he felt embarassed of some of the stuff he was doing, and that when he feels that way that he knows its got to be funny...

well friends...

i was trying hard to be sort of cool... people who really know me  get that i am embarassed in front of the camera just standing there so this was... i dont know,
 supremely doofus... 
i am ALWAYS on the verge of busting out into hysterical, nostril-flaring laughter...

 ...so when my ankle gave out while crossing my legs in a "look at my cute shoes" pose while standing precariously in wobbly rocks {Sophie made me} i lost it...
i doubled over, out of breathe from laughter {but really because after flailing my arms like Donald  Duck i fell forward catching myself with my hands} it was over after that... Elise and Sophie couldn't even speak... 

still hanging on to my title as Queen Doofus


  1. Katherine HillJuly 24, 2012

    baha! love it. you look seriously so gorgeous though, even if you are embarrassed ;)

  2. Haeli Mae AllenJuly 24, 2012

    i think this might be my favorite look so far! and i totally love that it is about 90% thrift treasures! i envy your eagle eye for total sunken pirate treasure!

  3. The last three pairs of sunnies I've bought have all been from the Dollar Tree. That place has got it going on right now! Love every pair I've bought from there and I don't feel bad when they get scratched or lost cuz THEY WERE A FREAKIN' DOLLAR!! But in reference to your doofus move, the shoes are pretty cute!!!

    Los Schoenys Blog

  4. so sweet! you just made me feel better about my dorkyness!

  5. thanks! hahaa... sunken pirate treasure! love it!

  6. Suz and VivJuly 25, 2012

    I can't believe you thrifted most of this outfit. I LOVE it! and I'm glad you share your embarrassing stories, it makes me feel better about my own :)

    My sister and I are actually doing Polka Dot Week over at our blog Suz and Viv. You should check it out. And link up your polka dot outfit! http://suzandviv.blogspot.com/2012/07/polka-dot-week.html


  7. nora's mamaJuly 25, 2012

    are the shoes new from kohls or old? I ADORE them!!!

  8. old... unfortunately! i got them out of season and had to wait 9 months to wear them! i believe they are the elle brand...

  9. Katri HakesJuly 25, 2012

    hilarious that the camera caught your fall! those shoes are to die for though. and the polka dot skirt is spot on. too bad it's thrifted so I can't pick one up too!

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough


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