Business in the front, party in the back... an extreme high-low top tutorial

Aug 7, 2012

extreme high-low top, Forever 21 skirt, Target shoes, Styled by Tori Spelling necklaces

i really REALLY wanted to call it the "mullet top" but Sophie wouldn''t let me!
our multiple trips to Cotton On inspired me to go extreme with the cut of this top, why not take the high-low extra low!


Surprise party!

 it only takes a thrift store, two ugly tops {one blouse and one giant tee} and two bucks!

cut the back off your blouse and cut the back off your oversized tee...
 stitch together {i made a neat little inverted box pleat in the center}
trim the bottom of the tee and you are ready to rock the mullet extreme high-low top!

so, i have good news and bad news...

the bad news is...

someone... about nine years of age, looks suspiciously like my husband {except she's  pretty and a girl..} may or may not have placed our camera on the hood of our car and then we drove away...

the good news is that since she broke our camera we were forced to {finally} upgrade to a grown up camera...

now to figure out how to use this sucker...


*update; turns out Cotton On does in fact have a top called Zanzibar Mullet Top...  bahahaha... {i swear i never saw it before now!} so there Sophie! Cotton On thought that name was cool enough to put on their website!  :-P

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