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Aug 22, 2012

so in my last post i went on and on and ON about wet n wild matte lipstick and then i went out {no lie} and bought 4 more!!!! 

introducing "pinkerbell"
 its electric and amazing and mildly reminiscent of MAC viva glam Nicki...
i. die.
{plus a super pale nude, an inky black plum, and a creamy orange.... ~swoon~}

 i feel that it very imortant to have all the good colors from the whole entire collection, if that makes me a hoarder of lipstick than so be it! 

 my handsome photographer...
i must admit, todays little shoot was much better, i wasn't as embarassed and he didn't crack too many jokes...

just one or two "trying not to laugh" shots
my girls helped with the "poses"
Dress c/o Sugarlips, Tj maxx Shoes, Styled by Tori Spelling Jewelry, Wet n Wild "pinkerbell" lipstick


  1. I totally almost got that dress! It looks so great on you and I love it with those black shoes! I need to go try out that lipstick...I'm always scared that the cheap ones will not work well, so I'm glad to hear you like it :)

  2. carrieDimasAugust 22, 2012

    Who is that handsome photographer? Love the lipstick color! The dress is darling. Love Mom

  3. I MUST GO GET THIS LIPSTICK!!!! it's such a gorgeous color on you!

  4. thanks girl!!! ya, every shade is amazing... i double dog dare you to buy just one!

  5. oh my gosh jenny! thank you! its super comfy, you would love it im sure! this really is the best cheap lipstick that ever lived... gotta try it!


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