having a melt down...

Sep 14, 2012

 i just did the math and we spend more on gas than we do on our mortgage

and honestly, i've been in tears about it all day...
i am the last person on earth who should be handling math matters but its simple... and sadly, unavoidable.
EVERYTHING we do is 30 to 45 minutes away

i, for real, have no clue what to do about it...
i should pray right? 
but what do i pray for?
gas prices to be slashed in half?
{isn't everyone already praying for that?}
cant really change our jobs {which we are blessed to have}
and our kids go to school with daddy so that is already a blessing...

if anyone has miracle money saving suggestions please let me know!
i've been saying for years that i really want to be a crazy coupon lady... i just dont know where to start...

anyone else in this gas predicament?
what do you do?


  1. I love using coupons and it is a great free way to save money because there are great sites online where you can download coupons...just don't go crazy like they do on Extreme Couponing and buy 700 rolls of toilet paper in an effort to save money!

  2. Rachel UtterbackSeptember 14, 2012

    Selina! I hear ya! Our gas here in Chicago is 4.65 or something and we have to put premium in our car! YIKES!!!! Luckily we live downtown so we take the bus a lot and the subway. But that still costs money and we still do a fair amount of driving. I am not sure how to get around it either :/

  3. I don't know if ANY of this will help you, bit I literally just finished reading this on pinterest before checking your blog. i think it may be a sign. hopefully some of these ideas help!!

  4. Stephanie LamberthSeptember 18, 2012

    Do you have a Kroger around there? If so, I have a lot of friends who buy giftcards for EVERYTHING they do from Kroger. Like they know they're going to Olive Garden for dinner so they go to Kroger on the way and get an Olive Garden gift card for $20. Every $1 you spend there on anything is 1 fuel point and every 100 fuel points is 10 cents off a gallon! And giftcards are double fuel points! I've seen people take it as far as buying $600 worth of lowes giftcards and going to buy something like a washer and dryer. You can save some serious cash that way.

    Unless there's no Kroger near you, then I didn't help at all and I'm sorry :( Maybe a gas station credit card or something?


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