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Oct 4, 2012

I love the fall weather, stepping outside and smelling the crisp cool air, it makes me happy.
It also reminds me how much I love a cozy sweater, herbal tea, baths with a book, and any food with pumpkin in it.

So, I have been "making do" for the last two weeks and here is how it's been going:
~Just being aware of my spending helped save money in our families overall budget for September. 
~My sewing machine is out and several refashions are ready to go.
~I went into Target and TJmaxx and didn't buy anything I wasn't supposed to (Diapers don't count) but I would recomend avoiding stores that are too tempting.
~I have figured out a few items that would make my wardrobe work a little better, outfits come together quicker and make me feel put together fast.  Blouses with pattern, blazers with color and dark denim/ black jeans are among some of the items. When I shop after the challenge I will shop with a purpose!

Frugal fashionistas share your tips!!
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  1. Cute post I love it! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Mystala KnutsenOctober 05, 2012

    I have really fallen in love with your blog! I think you should do a link-up party where your followers show off their re-fashions and cute thrifted outfits! That would be AWESOME!

  3. This may be elementary to some, but I recently learned to magic in this plan. I finally started giving myself a set clothing budget each month. That is all I have to spend for clothes, no going over. So, when I'm looking for items, I only buy what I really love, because I don't want to miss out on something wonderful later because I've already hit my budget.

    On top of that, this allows me to save up for big ticket items. If I have a pair of boots or something that I really love, I can save up for a month or two to buy them. This also helps me really know if I truly love them or not...if I'm willing to not buy anything else for a couple months in order to purchase this item then I know I must have it. :) I never allow myself to go over on a month, or borrow from myself for the next month. Only the opposite: I can save up, but never go in the hole.

    Anyway, that's worked really well for me! I'm not spending too much on clothes, and it makes sure I'm only purchasing items that I love and need, not items that I'm only buying because they're on sale.

  4. p.s. Posh your hair looks AMAZING in these pics!

  5. I LOVE comfy sweaters...I'm so glad Fall is here! You look so cute :)

  6. look at my blog please:)


  7. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 09, 2012

    Thanks eesh!! You are the best and I love your budget plan. So awesome and totally do-able.

  8. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 09, 2012

    AWESOME IDEA!!! love it! I will get right on it! Thanks so much for reading:)

  9. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 09, 2012

    Thanks Whitney! Totally vintage 70's love em!

  10. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 09, 2012

    Me too.... & Thank you thank you!!!


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