Guest Post: "Make Do" Maternity Style!

Oct 23, 2012

Hey! I'm Jessica from Pretty Providence, and I am so honored to be guest posting for the sister's 4 today. I find their blog so inspiring and they always make me laugh! I love "real" bloggers and I feel blessed to consider these beautiful ladies friends! If you haven't been over to Pretty Providence, our mantra is "we know that you can still look stylish, live well, eat well and play a lot without spending tons of money." I loved the sisters 30 day challenge, such an awesome way to re-set your style, spending and wardrobe simultaneously.

I am thirty+ weeks pregnant right now, so as you can imagine I'm feeling super hot and fashionable...not. Well, I am hot, just not the appealing kind. One of my goals this pregnancy has been to get dressed and put on makeup everyday (reach for the stars, right?) In all honesty though, it has helped me to feel better about myself and it's amazing how much 15 minutes of time and a tiny bit of effort can boost the self-esteem.

I definitely did not have much room in the budget for maternity clothes, so I thought today I would share a few ways I've found to build a classy maternity wardrobe on a budget.

1.) Use what you have. Think leggings, maxi skirts/dresses, over sized tops and sweaters etc. You will be amazed how much of your regular wardrobe will transition to fit your maternity bod with a little thought and creativity.
2.) Swap with friends. When I was pregnant with my son Luke, one of my best friends gave me a big box of pregnancy clothes to borrow. It was such a lifesaver. Find a good friend or sister and institute a clothing swap. You will love their additions, and then when they get pregnant you lend them your things and automatically your wardrobe has doubled in size.
3.) Raid hubby's closet. I recognize this works for some people better than others. My hubby is 6'4'' and there isn't much of his that is usable for me, even when I'm pregnant. One look I absolutely love though is the over sized dress shirt. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, maxi skirt, the options are endless! Just roll up the sleeves, tuck in the front, add a get the idea.
4.) Thrift shop. I was so stoked when I realized that most thrift stores have maternity sections! Although they typically aren't huge, you can get really great pieces here for super cheap with a little patient searching.
5.) Only buy staples. When I was pregnant with Luke I spent "real" money on two items. One perfect fitting pair of jeans and one black pencil skirt. I am so grateful for these items. It is nice to have a few, perfect fitting, versatile items that you can dress up or down and feel really comfortable in.
6.) Accessorize. You can make so many outfits out of the same white shirt and black pencil skirt when adding a vest, a necklace, a scarf a jacket etc. etc. pregnant doesn't have to be code for boring. Spice it up, try new things, be adventurous.
7.) Wear your confidence. On the days when I try to get ready and feel good about myself I go out and the first thing people say is, "you look so great, you're glowing!" On the days when I allow myself to wallow, staying in sweats with no make-up I go out and the first thing people say is, "how are you feeling, poor thing!?" If you tell yourself you're one hot pregnant mama you will emote beauty and confidence.

I think pregnant bodies are beautiful! I just have to remind myself that I am not the exception. It is absolutely a miracle what the female body is capable of, and I feel blessed to be carrying this sweet baby girl.

Here's to stylishly rocking pregnancy without breaking the budget!


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  1. Jessica @ Pretty ProvidenceOctober 24, 2012

    Thanks for having me ladies, you're the best. I posted a link back on my blog. Can't wait to see what you share next :).


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