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Oct 26, 2012

Hi friends, my name is Amanda.

I have the most unexpected and totally unearned pleasure of hanging out with you today! I say
that because I’m a blogging newbie and a Sister’s Four follower, just like you.

I submitted my “MAKE-DO” post to the Sister’s and after my endless chatter over making do,
was asked to share. Submit freak out, HERE. Haha

You all know these girls are talented on so many levels, sassy, funny, and colorful, thrive on
deals, are big thrifters, know how to style up their finds and are absolutely lovely!

Ya, I know I’m in over my head.

When it comes to Making Do though, I’ve done pretty well. WARNING: there will be endless chatter.

“Making-Do” isn’t a new concept to me. It’s one I’ve employed regularly throughout my life.
At 10 our home became a single parent dwelling; Mom, sis & newborn brother. With limited
income, some family support and for a while, government assistance, we made do. It’s not a
situation we thought we’d ever be in, especially us kids. Who knew, parent’s leave. I learned to
adjust to this new life.

Our “saving grace” was that we knew the Lord and had him in our lives. We had a great church
family who encouraged us too. When we were down, he picked us up. We continued to have faith
and trust that we’d get through that rough season. It’s from those moments that I learned to
value family and God above all.

As a kid I realized I could rearrange my room, decorate with yard sale finds, belts, etc. and
produce a change I was proud of. As a college student thrifted office attire and when married,
EVERYTHING! House wares, décor, clothes, jewelry, books, furniture, baby items………the list
goes on.

Hubby wasn’t too keen in the beginning, as he had lived a meager life as well. He was raised
with 7 other siblings, shared clothes, struggled financially and desired “nice things” after so long
of not having them. We both did, but we didn’t have the money either. We did the responsible
thing, we tithed and paid bills. It of course left us with little, so this is when I kicked thrifting
into high gear. I thrifted out of necessity but also out of pure enjoyment, the thrill of the “hunt”.
I knew I’d convince him after some great finds and name brand clothes on the cheap. I did and

Over time our finances fluctuated, from 2 jobs, to 1, to 1 & ½ to none. I TOTALLY get what
Selina said about doing your best with little and struggling a bit more when there's actual

WHY?! I'll tell you why. Because when you are limited you HAVE to be creative, resourceful,
budget minded, restrictive, patient and rely on ingenuity. In my case all the above AND trust in
the Lord. OR guess what, get NOTHING, pout, complain, lose sight of what’s really important
and miss the whole picture. It’s when I have money, that there’s a different kind of struggle;
HOW do I continue/desire using all of my previous methods when there’s no real need to? If
we have the finances, what’s stopping us from going instantly to buy instead of make, repurpose,
recycle, thrift, or go without? The truth is I WANT to be resourceful. Money isn’t the answer; the
more you make the more you spend. I will NOT be in that endless cycle.

So, I have asked the Lord to keep me in check with what I need as opposed to what I want, help
me from being materialistic, to think up ways of getting/producing what I want in the most
inexpensive ways so that it blesses my family and others. HE DOES!
Not because I’m cheap, I WANT to be a good steward of the money we have. I want to teach
my children to be wise, to invest in people and in things that will reap a reward not in empty

Throughout the years we’ve lived by money saving methods, but the one that brings the most
pride has been from helping my family look GREAT not cheap, with thrift finds. In redoing
my own clothes or thrifted ones and wearing something “new”. There’s this non-drug induced
HIGH (I’ve never done drugs lol), from making something out of little or nothing, finding the best
deal or that great thrifted item. RIGHT?!

I think people associate thrifting, recycling, repurposing, crafting, budget minded people with
cheap, tight, stingy or just downright tacky but I DISAGREE whole heartedly. YOU out there
are the most SAVVY, outside the box, kind of people. You’ve figured out HOW to have what you
want without breaking the bank! Be proud!

So, if you’re new to “making do” whether it’s with clothes, shopping, cooking, crafting, home
décor, etc, keep it up.
If you’re a seasoned “make do-er”, way to go! Your wallet thanks you.

Amanda :)

Here's a peak at some of Amanda frugal finds and refashions:


  1. Amanda AguilarOctober 31, 2012

    Thank you again, for letting me share!

  2. Thank you for letting me share again!


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