Oct 1, 2012

 Eden will say, "Arabesque mommy!" and where ever we are we have to stop and raise our leg and point our foot. 

 She tells me to do "cute face" aka: raise your shoulder and smile big.

I have been teaching dance a lot lately and have had the chance to create much more than I normally do. I love it, but it takes a certain amount of fearlessness.  It takes fearlessness to be yourself and to put it all out there. I am working on a project and I hope to invent something that is... well... freeing. 
Let cha know how it goes!
(sis #2)


  1. I completely understand isn't it great to be free and completely you

  2. Love it! I remember just loving that word too, arabesque!

  3. that is exactly the outfit i wore today only i do not have those fancy moves

  4. Rachel UtterbackOctober 01, 2012

    these pictures are amazing!!

  5. sisters4saymoreismoreOctober 09, 2012

    Thanks Rachel! Stoked that you read our blog! Hope life in Chicago is treating you well:)


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