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Nov 12, 2012

Sweater~c/o Quiksliver icicles sweater
Gotta love all these awkwardly close pictures of my face!

Okay, all you Utah Valley ladies...
My lash girl Alisha works at a salon in Provo and she is going to give you all a great deal! 
50.00 for a full set (Christmas is coming up) and 25.00 for fills. 

Let me tell you why I love them...
It takes 45-50 minutes for a full set.
They last about 6 weeks (for me).
Alisha does a quality job and doesn't clump groups of falsies on a single lash.
Lash extensions make getting ready so fast. 
I constantly look like I'm wearing mascara when I'm not.
They are seriously a mom/woman on the go's secret weapon.

Call or text this number to set up appointments:
Just say you were referred by Sophie for the deal!
(sis #2)

Happy Monday!

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