"make do" cleopatra...

Nov 2, 2012

my children were very EXTREMELY opinionated about their costumes this year and i promised them that if they gave me enough notice i would make them whatever their little hearts desired...
this was the easy costume...

 the "easy concept" is what i really mean....

this costume cost me nearly nothing {i'm not sure if you count puffy paint}
and took me a month to finish {because i love to do this kind of crap}

even the doofus zipper foot broke and i had to install it by hand...
a few braided strips of fraying satin and a little gold duct tape and we are in business!

 Eva makes this bed sheet look good!

how did you guys "make-do" for halloween?

{Cora's crazy costume coming soon}


  1. So cute! We made do with a hand me down costume and a $4 DIY for mom and dad's matching dinosaur costumes! You can see my tutorial here: http://whatjeffdid.blogspot.com/2012/11/cheap-and-easy-diy-dinosaur-costume.html

  2. carrie DimasNovember 04, 2012

    Selina, that is AMAZING!!!!! You are so talented. Eva looks beautiful.


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