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Nov 6, 2012

Shoes~Wanted Mercer Sneaker Wedge via TJmaxx, Sweatshirt~Elise's, Skirt~Thrifted and refashioned
These shoes were so comfy all day. I felt cute and capable of running after my kids, which I did.
(My 3 year old decided to RUN down the street. I screamed "STOP", which she interpreted as "RUN FASTER". 
Then I screamed, "DON'T GO IN THE STREET" and she picked up speed and turned the corner. Staying on the side walk of course. Because it's important to be a little bit obedient when you are doing something terribly naughty.)

Oh, and this is my diaper bag. It's a giant suede bag that I found at Old Navy for something ridiculous like a dollar.

(Sis #2)

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  1. Cute sneaker wedges! How much were they? Planning on buying a pair for my sister.


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