high-low, low-high...

Dec 1, 2012

yes, i know... i disappeared
i call it falling off the planet
thats what i do to cope with stress
i hibernate.

Syd and Sophie know exactly what i mean... 
i just stop talking to people, stop going places and stop doing what i love...
it has happened many times in my life, for different reasons everytime, and honestly it really wasnt a big deal, i was just stressed about finances, so i hibernated...

i'm up now...
but its the busy season at work, so i will still be minimaly blogging and thats ok... we blog cause we like to, not cause we have to and i know that you people could give a crap if we do or we dont! i mean that in a loving "i know you all have real lives and aren't hanging on our every word, or doofus antic or outfit etc..." kind of way
i am not typically a mood-swing-y person but i will say my highs are high and my lows are seriously low...
i just need to learn to ride on the balanced mood that i long to maintain... its like a weird goal i have always longed to attain...


on a doofus note...

 i ripped this fantastic cuff bracelet...

...right out of my own mothers hand when i heard it was two bucks {at cotton on}

the doofus part?
i dont remember doing it!!!!!

it was like my alter ego, some crazed shopaholic who cant control herself...
whats her problem?

thrifted jacket {cropped}, old navy blouse, refashioned high-low skirt out of a target dress, cotton on cuff,  Guess shoes, H&M necklace

eventually i will post the tutorial for the jacket... its so easy you won't believe!



  1. sophie found them for me!!! thats what sisters are for!!!!

  2. That blazer is fantastic! Was it hard to refashion?



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