Martha does rhinestones?

May 30, 2013

*this is a sponsored post by Martha Stewart Jewelry and Plaid, all of the opinions are my own

oh dear...

see, I have this sort of strange contradictory style personality...

 love Gaudy...

I HATE fancy...

I love simple...

I HATE plain...

and it goes on....

It makes no sense... {in my head it sort of does, but when I say it out loud I know I sound crazy!}

so the story goes like this,

 When posed with the opportunity to work with Martha Stewart Jewelry, sight unseen, I jumped like a lunatic! of course its going to be chic, sophisticated, and streamlined... I knew I would love it!
so when I got my package and ripped it open like a hungry hyena (??) I was shocked to see hundreds of candy colored rhinestones... what the heck was I gonna do with these girly little details?!! pink and purple aren't even on the horizon of colors that you would find in my closet...
I panicked!
hurry, start a board on pinterest! QUICK!!
I titled the board "ewe, gross, rhinestones"
I was having a really hard time pulling the fancy out of these things!
after a quick scan I realized that I would have to literally paint them or flip them upsidedown to get the gaudy I wanted and that would just never do! What would Martha say!? ...and truth be told these jewels were absolutely gorgeous! I could NEVER deface them!!!! So, since I couldn't do gaudy and I wouldn't do fancy I settled in on...


{well, kind of dainty for a giant pendant!}

 it has dainty qualities!

 after sketching it out I settled on this little design...
 a little drippy pendant littered with shiny brillant rhinestones...

thankfully I was also provided with tools
 {beautiful tools make the creative and creating process so much smoother, don't you think!}

//\\  here is what I used  \\//
{with the exception of the long skinny silver chain which i had at home}

setting the rhinestones was super simple especially with this lovely little wax tipped thingy
you just pickup the stones with it {they totally stick!} no more fiddling and dropping stones!
I just tapped a dot of glue in the bottom and plopped the stone in!
 I used the pretty plyers to pull apart one of the chains provided to connect all of the pieces  
 I secured the larger settings with two chain links so the pendant would hold its shape {without these it drooped, not cute!}
 I swung the skinny chain around my neck until it hung in front and dangled some more findings and pretty stones {I secured the center back of the chain with a jumpring so it wouldn't move}

 bottom line, beautiful pieces, Martha knows how to do it
best part? available exclusively at Michaels! 

 moral of the story?
I thought these rhinestones would be the death of me... I truly could think of nothing worse to work with, in the end Martha won me over... 
get ready for rhinestone overload cause i have at least a dozen rhinestone projects {gaudy, dainty and otherwise...} swirling around in my brain
{I should have known, I swore I wouldn't be caught dead in a sequin and now I love myself a sequin}

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  1. Amy | Club NarwhalMay 30, 2013

    Love it! And despite your rhinestone phobia, the necklace turned out a smashing success! Since I'm staunchly stuck back in 1993, I kind of adore anything that is bedazzled. I think this Martha jewelry thing might work for me :)

  2. This is awesome! You shouldn't be afraid of rhinestones because you are amazing with them! :D

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