the best little boy clothes

May 1, 2013

Tiger T-shirt: Target
Gorilla T-shirt: Target
Little man is growing tons lately! I have been needing to get him new clothes but haven't found things that I love... then I went to Target. Favorite. Store. Ever. 
 I found these super cool graphic tees and I also found solid color and striped v-necks for 6.00 each!

Update: My little family and I are now Texans (We have been here now for a whole week!)  My phone is broken. I have located 3 thrift stores close to were we are. I am loving the warmer/humid weather (my skin is happy).  I got my husband hooked on Downton Abby.  We are looking for a home to buy.  I am a pro at living out of boxes/suitcases. I can't find the cord to my camera (boooo). I know my way (generally) around Fort Hood. 


  1. Amanda AguilarMay 01, 2013

    Congrats on the move and future home!

  2. sisters4saymoreismoreMay 02, 2013

    Thanks amanda, you are a sweetheart!


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