Do i have problems?

Sep 4, 2009

today i bought shoes... 'sigh' i have problems.....
i know you are thinking what else is new but i have probably somewhere around 130 pairs!! is that sick and wrong that i still felt that i needed 2 more for my "collection"?

but they are like totally necessary shoes! right?.... aren't they all.... i just didn't want to have shoe-remorse (like buyers remorse only opposite) its a horrible, depressing place to be~~~~dream sequence~~~~ i can still remember 3 seasons ago these gorgeous Jessica Simpson booties. They were grey patent-leather ostrich peter-pan rounded toe stilettos with a HUGE grey suede bow on the side. (take a moment, and let that soak in) They were delicious. I knew that i would never pay $120 for them but i am a believer in shoe-karma so i knew, if i was patient, i would get my shoes. i had a coupon AND an extra discount PLUS a sale but i hesitated. I BARGAINED with my bargain. Sadly, i lost my beloved JS grey booties. By the time they went on sale again they had only one pair left.... a HALF size TOO SMALL!
The moral of the story is....not really a moral, more like an excuse...
shoe-remorse sucks!
If you love them (and they are a great deal) for heavens sake BUY THEM!

i couldn't even find an exact pic, these are black and totally not ostrich but you get the idea... it still brings a little tear to my i when i relive that moment.... literally you can't even find them on ebay or amazon they are like completely GONE :(

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