Fashionably pregnant... and irrationally emotional

Sep 4, 2009

Being pregnant the LAST thing you feel is fashionable and stylish... (this is a picture of me trying really HARD)
SO on the day my sister in-law was supposed to take my prego pictures she calls me at work to tell me she over booked. Between all the things she had planned to do it didn't look like she would be able to have time to take pictures that afternoon.

My eyes instantly begin to water.

It's not a big deal. (I attempt to comfort myself)
It IS a big deal.
(The self comforting doesn't work)
I feel frumpy every day, and I actually TRIED to look "cute" today.
I never feel "cute".
I even did my hair!
...and blow drying my hair last night was a sweaty work out!

I feel the wave of emotion rush over me and that I will suddenly burst into tears at any moment.

I choke it back and tell my sister in-law that I am just emotional and a mess, and not to mind me and that I better go because I am going to cry.

Hang up the phone.


2 minutes later get a text.

"Don't worry we'll figure it out! We're STILL on. See you at 6:00"

~Sister #2

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