How to: Fabric flower headband

May 17, 2010

1. Sew together the raw edges of a 2 inch wide strip of fabric. (You Don't need to sew the edges together, leave the edge of your strip raw for a differnt look)

Here are a few finished strips.
2. Gather them with a needle and thread.

3. Continue to gather around using tiny little pick up stitches on the back of your flower.

Here are some finished flowers.

4. Use buttons or beads to complete it. I loved the blue beads.

5. Cut out a piece of felt to use as a backing to your finished flowers. (I decided to attach only two together)

6. Cut elastic the circumference you desire. I got 3 yards of soft elastic from Walmart for 1.35

7. Using hot glue lightly attach the elastic to the back of your fabric flowers.

8. Finally, attach the felt to the back.
You are done!
I made this headband for my little friend Reagan for her first BIRTHDAY... but big kids like to make and wear these headbands too.
SiSteR #2


  1. Awesome! I think I'll make some tonight! How long are the strips?

  2. Cute! I love how you show the very beginning of the flower =]

    Just Better Together


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