One, two, Ruffle my shoe...

May 6, 2010

One, Two Ruffle my shoe

Three, Four...(paint your toes you whore)

J/k trust me you don't need a close up of my "manicure"

First you go to payless and scour the bottom shelf for sweet deals...
(these little beauties were 5 bucks!)

then you raid your scrap-fabric for 2 long strips and run a gathering stitch down the center
(set your machine to the longest stitch length and then pull gently on the bobbin thread to gather)
check out Ruffles and Stuff for some simple sewing tutorials

I wanted mine to fray so i ripped my strips and pulled out some of the threads so they look all fringe-y

whip out your glue gun..


so flirty and ready for spring!


  1. Oh my gosh, those ROCK. You rock!! Miss you!!

  2. I love these!!! Will you just come and be my personal stylist please? Seriously, if you ever travel to Utah please stop in Laramie and we can have fun making projects. Or, you can just use my potty for a pit stop! :)

  3. i didn't realize you were in UT!! we visit every summer, we will TOTALLY stop by!!!!

  4.  I have these same exact shoes! What a great idea. Wonder if I can find fabric in this same color...


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