They fit so nice in the rear

May 4, 2010

130.00 dollar trousers for only 12.00!
I found City fit Jcrew trousers HERE...well, they were an IN STORE find. 
Downeast has a website (for those who don't live in Utah) and they sell cute/modest clothing and swimwear.
If you are lucky to live close to a store you will find past season Deisel, American Eagle,  and JCREW clothing for a discounted price! They also sell discounted designer jeans!
I love a good deal.
TJmaxx is also a great place to find brands from places like Nordstom for less.
Good luck to all you fashionable bargain hunters!
xoxo- Sister #2
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  1. yes they do! so super cute!!!

  2. J Crew's city fit is my FAVORITE. I have 3 of the exact cropped pants in different colors in that style. Plus, they are like always on sale!

    PS: My word verification is "singen"... thinking of you Soph and our rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"! Do we have a video of that somewhere??


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