Pretty Poofy Pumps... Tutorial

Jun 9, 2010

 i love a good shoe... but a GREAT shoe, 
(lets just say i couldn't stop staring at my own feet at church on sunday)

These shoes already had a great shape (very important) but they were just shoved in a corner in my shoe closet, getting no love :(

so i "beautified" them....

you will need:
  • scrap fabric
  • scissors
  • a good sized needle
  • matching thread
  • glue (if you want..)

cut out 8 or nine squares per shoe. make your squares as big as you want the base of your flower to be.

fold into quarters...

cut out a heart shape...

there is your flower...
the first one is your base...

gather the others and tack them down in the center of your base flower petals facing out. save one flower to set right on top (leave this one open) sew it right into the center to cover up all the folds and stitching...

i sewed my flower right onto the shoe (you need a pretty sturdy needle) but you could probably glue it (the hot glue gun is one of my favorite inventions of all time)


a little extra explanation...
i guess i kind of suck at tutorials because i like to craft at night in my super dark living room so i don't usually take pics... here is my attempt to explain how i made the flower...

 yes i realize this is a picture of a document on my computer screen...   
(please forgive my lack of computer skills!)
i hope this helps!


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  1. OH what fun! I need some fun shoes like that!

  2. These are SO cute! I LOVE them!

  3. I am a shoe lover, freak, fanatic, and of course I LOVE this project!

    How funny too...I posted a shoe redo today as well. I made over my favorite peep toe pumps with some uber cute zipper flowers!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us over at The CSI Project!


  4. Any more details on the how-to? What kind of fabric? You didn't serge the edges, so will they fray? It's probably just me, but I can't totally picture putting the flower together, either. And I NEED to picture it...these are a MUST DO. :D

  5. Hey Selina!

    Ahhh I wish I had shoes to decorate! Gorgeous :]

    After many hours of blog hopping, I certainly can't remember exactly how I found your blog. I think it may have been through other cardigan refashion blog posts cuz I'm dying to revamp my entire wardrobe!

    Unfortunately, all this blog-hopping and enthusiasm for refashioning happened right before midterms, so now I'm studying and dying to not be studying!

    I'm certainly going to be using Sophie's cardigan decorating at some point, and the zipper earrings are on my to-make list, too! I wish I had enough courage to tackle the Coffee Date dress; yours is amazing!


  6. SUPER cute!! I'd love for you to link up at sundae scoop tomorrow

  7. This was an amazing project. Congratulations on your top 10 win!

  8. hello
    I am asiye I am from bursa in Turkey
    ıt is shoes very beatiful I like it

  9. Too Cute! I may just have to try these!


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