Thrifted Things Thur... crap... Friday.

Jul 23, 2010

I realize it is Friday.... but oh well.

The shoes....
Ann Taylor Loft... 5 $ at Savers Thrift Store!
.... in excellent condition.
This blouse won my heart... Also a Savers find for 6$. The tiny ruffle detail, the fabric covered buttons and the front pleating are too adorable.
My 7th grade math teacher was the first to inform me that the birthmark on my neck (pictured bellow) "looks just like a hickey" In front of my class no less.... Gee thanks Mr. Thompson.

PS- The necklace was 3 dollars at Walmart and the jeans were 9 dollars at Forever 21!!
Happy Thrifting everyone!


  1. Awesome find. I'd die if I found a blouse like that. Savers is definitely my favorite thrifting place, I seem to always have the best luck there.

  2. I love it!! I've seen those big poofy sleeve blouses a lot. I like them but never knew how to wear them. You just gave me a great idea!

  3. OOH I wish I could spot treasures like that. I have come to realize I am not very good at thrifting anymore. Could be the time involved or my location.

  4. That blouse is so cute. I usually am very bad at thrifting and never find anything, but recently I bought a pair of Sevens for $5.99!! Yes!

  5. I wish I could thrift right about now. I'm on a non-shopping pledge. ugh! Cute and cheap finds! I love it! I think Thrifty Thursday's are my favorie days! ;)


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