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Aug 9, 2010

Introducing....The oh so simple scarf headband.
Material's: One black headband and Chiffon scarf. The scarf I used was thrifted for about a buck.

1. Roll your scarf so it is about an inch thick. Make your first loop about an inch high.
With a needle and thread tack it into place.

2. Make a second loop and tack it down.

3.  After the first 3 loops leave a little space before starting your fourth. This way a nice curve will form and they won't be to close together. I made 6 total loops.

4.  Next I turned on my hot glue gun and cut out a rectangular piece of felt with rounded edges. (Make it about as long as the base of your chain of loops.)

5. Lastly, I glued the loops where I wanted and then covered the felt over the bottom.
 All done. Painfully easy right?
~Sophie (Sister #2)


  1. I just sent you an award, come get it.

  2. For some reason, headbands give me headaches. They can be the loosest ever and still they do. Its too bad because I love them.

  3. They totally give me headaches too!!! here's what I used:,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair15-06

    But not in those bright colors its a soft headband that gives a lot so yay for you and me.... no headaches!!!


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