Sister #2 Weekend Wear

Aug 13, 2010

Our Blog friend Meet Virginia always does a post each week on what she wore that weekend and gives us the insight on how she achieves super cute style for less. She is hosting a linky party for weekend wear, so take pictures of your outfits and link up!!

Here are my outfits for this weekend!

What I'll wear to church on Sunday:
Black and grey embellished shirt from GAP: 7.00 at Plato's Closet
Yellow Belt: 0.49 at Old Navy (Clearance)
Fabulous navy pencil skirt: It is my moms from I think the late 80's
Teel shoes:  5.00 Thrifted
Brass rose earrings: 4.00 at BP in Nordstrom

Saturday wear:

Tan Blazer: 5.00 Thrifted from the little boy's section
Teel shirt: 6.00 Urban outfitters (clearance)
Flower Necklace: Made by Sister #1 after I had Eden. (Tutorial to come, of course)
Bracelet: 1.00 at a random Herbal Store
Set of 7 gold rings: 3.50 from H&M
Black stretchy skinny Levi's (rolled up): 6.00 at Kohls
My so favorite leather Oxfords: 5.00 Thrifted

Okay don't hate me for wearing stripes on stripes ... I was feeling it. Mind you that just when we thought denim on denim would be dead and gone I am seeing it everywhere!

My fashion tips:

  • Don't match too much. I remember being so bound to matching: earrings to necklace/belt to shoes not to mention color dilemmas. It is quite liberating to not match at all.

  • Dress to flatter your body type.  Last year I gained 50 lbs with the pregnancy of my daughter Eden...Let me tell you it did not instantly melt away the way I hoped.  I was used to being pretty small and I had to learn how to dress my new figure. The cool thing is before I had my baby I had a cute shape but, like most women, I found flaws to gripe about. NOTHING has made me love my body more than going through pregnancy and the awkward stages afterward. I developed a new found respect and love for my body and the wonderful creation that it is.  I want to show it love no matter where I fall between size 2 and size 10.

  • Only buy things you love. It is so much easier to throw outfits together that way! Don't just jump at every deal you see. If it's 3 dollars and you won't really wear it, don't buy it.


  1. Great finds. You so motivate me to go out there and try thrifting again......Oh why do I not find such treasures?

    Fun post.

  2. you look great!! What a fabulous gift you have for putting it all together!!

  3. You are too stinkin cute!! thanks for the great inspiration. I've been wanting a funky blazer for the longest time, the little boys section is where i'll be looking next!!

  4. I read this post over the weekend and didn't have time to comment. I took your advice about not being too matchy matchy though for my outfit today! I feel really good and natural and unique at the same time! Thanks for the inspiration and advice. I'm never really too matchy matchy but often times I don't take chances and risks with my colors and combos.



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