90's School teacher... i think not

Aug 12, 2010

I had a successful day thrift shopping with my oh so fabulous cousin Kathrine. I mean look at her headband, she Made it! This girl has vision. She was picking up all kinds of things that I never would have thought to use... such as this denim dress.
Well we took it home and hemmed it up and now check it out:
Adorable.... I know!!!
Here is another outfit completely thrifted today!
Do you die over the green blazer???
Totally found in the little boys section!
Happy thrifting!
~Sister #2


  1. I love how you altered the denim dress. It looks awesome! I've just been reinspired to go thrifting!

  2. To my delight I received my headband yesterday in the mail and I am happily sporting it here at work. Thank you so much and I will post pictures soon of all my amazing gift.

  3. Great recons and thrifty finds! I am dying over that green blazer! Does your cousin have a blog? She should!


  4. i just love the headband she made!

  5. sophie!! here is my blog:


    you are the best! love ya much :)

  6. I had a couple of teachers that wore that same dress. lol


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