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Sep 1, 2010

i happened upon an amazing fabric clearance at Joann.... i dug through untill i found coordinating prints and made my girls the Edith Twirl Skirt (on sale from $10 down to $6.50!!!!) this is a PDF pattern which i love (because i am super impatient)  the instructions arer super clear and its a great begining pattern because it is all straight lines! i also love it because from this pattern you can figure out all kinds of cool variations...

super twirly...

i have no concept of how much fabric it actually takes to make anything so i bought TONS i ended up making THREE baby dresses and a baby blanket with what was left over from the skirts (which take quite a bit of fabric on their own!)

Edens dress is a FREE pattern from Made By Rae called the itty bitty baby dress
i LOVE free... but free AND easy is the ultimate best!!! She makes it in a preemie and 0-3 but its super easy to size up because its really only one pattern piece... i think she also has it in a 3T...
SHE IS SO CUTE! and creative so check her out even if you don't need to make a tiny baby dress!

super fun and super easy!!!

~Selina (sis#1)


  1. Really nice job on all of the skirts. I like the combinations of fabric you put together. The girls look wonderful....and seem to really like their new skirts.....always a plus when they actually like what you make them. They don't seem to mind posing either!! :)

  2. have been busy. Nice job on all those skirts! I am impressed.

    BTW I just sewed a shirt inspired by your $1 white ruffly shirt. Thanks for the inspiration!


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