warm smokey eye tutorial

Sep 3, 2010

here it is... 
i am a mom by profession and a freelance Make-up artist for fun... i get phone calls from different make-up counters in my area to come in and do events or on call work... i LOVE it! i learn so much every time i work and i can work as little or as often as i want... the perfect job...

i received a few comments about this smokey eye when i did the zipper earrings post

i thought i would re-create it step by step on my friend and show you what colors and products i used...
(i changed it a bit) 
 i hope you will all try it and maybe see what other color combo's you can use to achieve this look

first you will need a base or "primer"
i used MAC paint in "painterly"

next using a "c" shaped blending brush apply the dark brown/plum shadow from the crease to the lash line
i used MAC "sketch"

next take a soft fluffy brush and apply a copper shade just above the crease on the bone creating a "halo", sweep back and forth to blend
i used MAC "coppering"

next take a yellow gold and sweep it from the inside tear ducts to about 1/3 of the way over your lid
i used MAC "goldmine"

next take a neutral shade slightly lighter than your skin tone and blend from your eyebrow into your copper shadow to soften
i used MAC "blank type"

next take your "angle" brush and tap your dark brown shadow under your lower lashes from the outside corner 1/3 of the way across then add the copper in the center 1/3

fun trick!!!! put some creamy white eyeliner along the tear duct
i used MAC "fascinating"

press in your gold shadow right over the top of the white eyeliner with an angle brush or even a lip brush

THE most important part of making a smokey eye "smokey" is lining the "water line" apply black water resistant eyeliner liberally on the inside of your bottom lashes and then squeeze your eyes shut tight to blend
i used e.l.f. cream eyeliner in black with a tiny angled brow brush

a little more black liner just in your top lashes
clean up with a little concealer *do your face last when you do a smokey eye*
lots of mascara
so pretty!

i think she likes it...

here are all the things i used

what do you think? more tutes? send us a request... i have plenty of looks up my sleeve...
~selina (sis#1)


  1. Gorgeous! I have similar shades to all those used...I may have to give this a try!

    My vote is yes, keep the tutorials coming!

  2. It's amazing how all those colors come together so beautifully in the end. In the beginning, I was like, WHOA NELLY! What is she doing? But I know that you're amazing and voila...you proved it. Tiffany's eyes look great!

  3. Yes, please! More make-up tutorials! (And pick me next...I could use all the help I could get!) :)

  4. Yup! Yup- do more tutorials!

  5. I agree with Jennie. At first I was thinking, "holy crap, what are you doing?" I was also thinking "your eyes look like your mom's." Then I realized it wasn't you or your mom (weird), and it doesn't look crazy but looks awesome.

  6. Amazing! I need to learn how to do make-up

    Just Better Together

  7. I totally love your look. I gave it a try but with my eskimo eyes and lighter shades of shadow mine didn't come out nearly as awesome as your. I'll have to try it out again sometime.



  8. This is a great tutorial - very detailed and love the pictures too! They are incredibly useful. please keep the tutorials coming!!

  9. Selina, you post was timely. I needed a eye shadow base and ended up getting the MAC painterly. I was a little confused cuz the 'painterly' came in a pot, not a tube, but I got it and it works great! You go to a lot of trouble to help others be fashionable :)

  10. Beautiful! Really brings out the eyes.

  11. Oh yes! Thank you for your post keep them coming!! I need all the help I can get on makeup!!


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