97 Cent dress refashion

Oct 25, 2010

Cardi: Forever21 Thrifted 4.00
Ruffle blouse: Walmart 8.00
Shoes: Payless 15.00
Leather skinny belt: Thrifted 1.50

So I know you are all thinking, "Hey Sophie, I would really love to see another elastic waist band skirt"...
okay, maybe not, but  I do love this new addition to my wardrobe.

Call me gluttonous, but after I found all that great stuff at Old Navy for literally NOTHING, I went back the next day.  I was curious if I missed anything fantastic and since my last trip cost me nothing the 2nd trip was worth it to me.  I walked away with 4 pairs of leggings and a pair of jeans and I maybe spent 7.00.
I also grabbed this over sized dress that I had my eye on the day before...
Yikes! It was kind of big.
(I love my little peanut in the background:)
A little snip snip and now I love it!
Well worth the .97 cents I paid for it!
Now what should I make with the fabric left over from the top?


  1. I LOVE it!! I love when people buy clothes for cheap and rework them. YOu did such a fantastic job!


  2. So cute!! I wouldn't even know where to start with some of the things you do. I did buy a couple of shirts that need your help though. And you TOTALLY look like your cousin in the shot with your peanut!! :) She makes that exact same face!!

  3. Looks like a million bucks! Nice work!


  4. Looks fantastic! As for the top...hmmm...is there enough to make a tote?

  5. ooh! I love ON and their sales too! Their prices get crazy low! Great job on your new skirt!

    Just Better Together
    Just Better Together

  6. The black and white stripes rock! I don't think you can have too many knit skirts! I like how you styled your outfit too. :)

  7. looks so good sophie!! make a ruffle shirt the rest :)

  8. Love your blog sooo much! Please check out mine, and be a follower:)


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