fancy fairies... coming right up!

Oct 22, 2010

 i used Simplicity 2872 and FYI... i HATE sewing satin!!!! why didn't anyone tell me i would be so annoyed!!!!!
luckily i found the perfectly matching wings at Dollar Tree (bless the buyers that thought to get fairy wings in every color!)

"Silver Mist"


"Tinker Bell"

 Cora said that Tinkerbell is sassy in the book so she posed that way...


do you think these little monsters will pass as fairies?

does anyone else hate to sew with satin?
any tips?

what are you or your kids going to be this year?



  1. Lady Loo is going to be a cupcake and Mr. Man is going to be a choc. chip cookie. I love how they turned out! I'll be posting about them soon. I (of course) will be a baker. ;)

    Great job on these costumes. How fun that you have 2 girls that look just like the characters!

  2. They turned out fabulous! SOOO cute...and I love the Halloween decor in the back, too...very cool!

  3. Gorgeous. You are such a pro now...and Cora is the PERFECT sassy Tink!!

  4. Cute! Cute!
    We have a lady bug, Belle, pirate and Spiderman this year!

  5. Gorgeous fairy costumes! I tried to convince my daughter to be a fairy but she insisted on Belle. I love how yours turned out. I agree about satin. The only thing worse is chiffon. What cute cute girls!
    Oh and thank your for your nice comment and following!

  6. Satin is one of the worst materials to sew. I tend to cut out a bunch of projects at once, then take months to actually sew them (I have to be in the mood to sew). I've learned I can't do that with satin, or it frays to pieces. Then, if I manage to not snag it anywhere, it gets some oily fingerprint on it (when I swear I just washed my hands).

    Your fairies turned out darling. Sadly, we're doing storebought costumes this year (going back to college is not conducive to creativity) - death eater, pink witch, and candy corn go-go girl.

  7. So cute!!! You're such a creative mama ;)

  8. I made the mistake of buying satin for my costume this year too! AWFUL! Never again

  9. You finished them!! Way to go Selina! I love that you even did their hair the way the characters do.

    I don't even know if my girls' costumes are going to be done in time if I don't start feeling better tomorrow! I'm still running a fever...sheesh! Among all the other aches of this sickness!


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