halloween ideas? anyone?

Oct 11, 2010

guess what I'm making?

lets be honest.... they've been in pieces for weeks...
but somehow i can't start another project till i finish these stinking costumes for my girls...
(notice my scorched sewing table, shame on me!)

 we really like dressing up in this family! this is one of my favorites! (about 3 yrs ago)
(check out the drool down the front of "Velma's" turtleneck)

*fun fact... i used to play a character at an amusement  park, can you guess which of the above i played? HINT: i was "type cast" and its not what you think!

 k, you guys, i need some help, my hubby is a 4th grade teacher (cute huh!) and every year we try to come up with a silly costume

 last year..

 the year before he was a BANANA... and he is sort of dying to be a giant HOT DOG this year!

any ideas? remember he is 6'4" it has to be a BIG costume!
we will go get him the giant hot dog unless you guys come up with something better!



  1. That is so cool that your husband is a teacher. Hmmm...I have no idea...a bag of chips? That is what my son wanted to be before he changed his mind. I was going to make a shirt for either me and my husband that said "All that and..." and then he would be a bag of chips. :)

    The costumes you made for your girls are so cute. Again...I have no guess as to what character you played. My brain doesn't seem to be working very well today.

  2. Big Bird, he should be Big Bird with a nest around his waist. Hee Hee

  3. Hot dog is ALWAYS funny! I vote that for sure! I used to teach 2nd graders and they just love that kind of stuff! My husband is 6'3"...wish he would let me dress him up in funny stuff!!! :)

  4. Those Scooby Doo character costumes are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! I just wanna squeeze 'em.

    I saw a cool costume online once... A boy and girl were WIND! The guy wore a shirt and tie and the girl had on a big skirt/dress. The guy attached his tie to an overturned umbrella and had his hair slicked back! It was pretty cool. The girl had the same thing though I don't remember it being as inventive as the guy's.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  5. Too fun!! We love to dress up as a family also. We are doing Scooby Doo crew this year...I am Velma....

  6. Hi! I'm a new reader. I also am a fashion loving mommy! I am amazed by how you make your kids costumes!! Halloween costumes can get so pricey..I really wish I could sew!


  7. Love the blog and all the fun creative ideas. I have a question is your husbands name Cory?? He looks a lot like some one I went to school with, just wondering? Hot dog costume would be fun, I dressed my husband as a giant a lady bug one year, kinda fun.

  8. shut up!
    totally named CORY! riverview high school, MI or Ricks college, ID ?
    dude, so crazy! email me!


  9. Ricks College, I was in the Fashion Design program. That's crazy, glad to see he's doing well, he was a hoot in school! I used to be Natalie Saunders, now Hardin. How funny. Well you guys have a super cute family. Tell him I said hello. My email is natster16@gmail.com

  10. OMG those utters are way too low!!! lol!! i think big bird is a good idea... and how random to see someone you knew on a blog! small world

  11. I love that you guys get into Halloween! My husband is that same height and it is so hard to find a costume to fit!

    However, you should totally post your girls costumes on our Halloween Costume contest - they are adorable! Check it out here:



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