Blue sundress transformation

Oct 12, 2010

Ready for Fall!

Cardi:  H&M, Plato's closet 7 dollars
Blue Dress: XL from my "Elated" Old Navy Sale post, 97 CENTS!
Belt: Old Navy 47 CENTS!
Shoes: From my "Elated" Old Navy Sale post, 47 CENTS!
Outfit Total Price: About 9.00!!

Here is the dress before: It is inside out and the sides are pinned but you get the idea!
I bought it in an Extra Large cause I loved the neck line and for goodness sake it was 97 cents.
So first you turn your dress inside out and pin in the sides where you want it to fit.

 Next I lined up pins down the side to create an "A" line down to the bottom.

 Next I just sewed right down the sides. I cut off the remaining fabric and turned it right side out.
Okay so maybe I had to try this step twice because my A-line stitch down the side wasn't so straight and I had room for hips in the middle of my thighs!

Last, I put an insert of blue fabric in (made of my scrap materiel's).
All done. Throw a cardigan on and you've got a super cute/cheap/modest outfit!


  1. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing how to do it because I definitely want to try it sometime. I wish I had gotten some 97 cent dresses!

  2. I'm Impressed! I wish I could see the potential in stuff when I'm shopping...

  3. This is great! I don't think I'd be able to pass up a dress for less than a buck either! Great find :) Love the yellow belt too!

    Just Better Togeter

  4. That is such a great transformation! I have that dress in black and I definitely don't like the way its shaped. And I'm sure that its looking rather big on me now. I normally would put a belt with it, but may I can take it in on the sides. hmm....thanks for sharing.

  5. you're seriously inspiring me to put "sewing machine" on my Christmas wish list! Just love it!

  6. So cute, love the idea of buying it a bigger size, gives you a lot of extra fabric for whatever else.

  7. can i just say that you looked ADORABLE in it, too?? not to be creepy, but i was pretty much staring at you all during church, i love it so much!

  8. Love it. really hit a good sale.

  9. You never cease to amaze me. Adorable.


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