rumba pants?

Oct 14, 2010

 i really wanted to make my girls some ruffle pants... but i wasn't satisfied with just any ruffle, it needed to be HUGE... 
so i tripled it in width, added a couple tiers and some biased tape

action shots!

check out the yumminess!

 the girls wore them to school yesterday and Eva's totally stylish teacher said she looked like she should be on dancing with the stars... then it dawned on me... i totally made them rumba pants!

(is it wrong that i was thrilled that they looked like they were ready for a dance competition?)

 dancing diva's
 look at Eva's hair!!! Hahahaha
"i said cheek to cheek not 'cheek' to 'cheek' you monsters!"

here are some awesome ruffle pants patterns


make them your own!
or even easier... "extreme" ruffle some existing pants, its too fun!



  1. Those are suoer cute! Have you noticed Kelly at the Glamorai wearing the heck out of a similar pair (from MiuMiu)? Maybe you can make me some!


  2. those are so cute do you think you can make a tutorial on them


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