what do i do with my stupid hair?

Oct 1, 2010

this is pretty much me right now... and i gotta say....

i need a change! 
any ideas?
here are some hair pics over the years

 short blonde shaggy bob has been my go to hair off and on for the last 5 yrs

had a brunette moment and got my hands on a razor to make this look happen

i thought it was cool but i have a freaky little cowlick right on my hair line so bangs suck on me! about 2 mins after i style they just flip to the side and look dumb...

more blonde...

blonde with baby side swept bangs... cute but i live in humid MI so i practically had to flat iron twice a day!!! (always had great hair in Utah though)

longer angle in the front

how did this get in here?! ;)

please help. i hate my hair. i need new ideas, i am very brave about length and color so any thing goes (as long as its rockin' awesome of course!)

~selina (sis#1)


  1. i like you as a blonde with the bob. :)

  2. I think the blond bob is great, but if you're looking for a change, what about the long-ish pixie that we've been seeing on stars like Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, etc?

  3. Try auburn/red hair with short layers (no bangs), I think that would be cute!


  4. I like the first pic the best....but I might be stealing the razor brown hairstyle for me since I don't have a crazy cowlick! ;)

  5. The blond looks really good. Maybe you should try another light color.

  6. you know how I feel about hair...chop, chop momma!! I like the auburn idea??

  7. OH, I think you're so cute!!! I think you'd look great with long hair. Extensions?? :)

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  8. i have the same issue. i had mine long for the last 2 1/2 years, with the shaggy bob being my go to as well. i just chopped it off (13 inches) into this mess kinda not even bob/shag ting? and I have scheduled an appt for a change already. I am thinking of going really short, for once in my life, and headed (maybe) in this direction :


  9. ps. excuse my spelling errors...typing is hard with a 13 month old fighting to hit the keys...

  10. I'm feeling the same!! I am fighting the urge to chop! But, I haven't had short hair since High School...hmm.

  11. What about this http://yfrog.com/7fhaircutwj ? This is a girl's makeover cut from America's Next Top Model Cyle 15 (in case you want to see more pic's. I think this would go well with the dark hair!

  12. How about trying out a red? My hair is "dark burgundy brown" right now and I love it. Its the first time I've had anything other than brown... I'm new at the dying thing! I also love the short hair on you... maybe that's because I'm obsessed with short hair right now. I swear I feel my hair growing all the time and each time I think Its too long! Hope you find your new look!

  13. Hi Selina! I'm a hairstylist, and after looking at your photos of previous hair styles, I think your hair looks best on the shorter side and lighter. I like the first photo the best. I think multidimensional shades of blonde & light brown would look good. I also think that your hair looks good off of your face, as in, no bangs. Anyway, that just my opinion. If I find any photos of examples, I will post the links. I love trying different things. Have fun! =)

  14. I like your hair in the second picture best. Its so cute! But wow, you can totally rock so many looks! Thats awesome. :)

    BTW I gave you and your sisters and award! Check it out here:

  15. You are so brave. I wish I could be as brave as you! Sometimes I can't even bare to see 3 inches being chopped off.

    I think I like the 2nd to last photo. Where the front is a bit longer than the back.

    Just Better Together

  16. Thanks for your sweet comments Selina! Really made me smile. :)

  17. I love all of your styles....I wish I could cut mine off . You'd look so amazing with it VERY blond and short. = ))))

  18. You look great with all of those styles! I can't imagine dying my dark brown hair blonde, but it looks fantastic on you! If I was cute like you, I would probably cut it off and be blonde!
    You are so inspiring, like a walking work of art!

  19. Selina - FYI - I went for the cut I showed you earlier - posted about it on my blog....ck it out here

  20. Selina, I so want to make over you hair! I got a great idea! You can have any cut or style, they are right you look great in all of them!


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