pretty poofy hair clips!

Oct 5, 2010

so, i kind of die for muslin! ok, i KNOW its supposed to be one of those fabrics that you "practice" with before you use the "good stuff".... but lets face it, i never use the good stuff, i am way too cheap and frankly i am not skilled enough to make anything that would require yards of beautiful expensive fabric.

But what i really love about muslin is how raw it is, it frays beautifully and has such a cool cream speckled color!

most of my project start with mindless snipping and this was no different

i cut tons of circles and then snipped them down to this pointed flower shape... (in retrospect i should have folded the circle in quarters and snipped two pointed petals and then opened it up)

i then assembled the flowers like THIS tutorial for pretty poofy pumps
here is a pic of how to start the flower...

add some pretty vintage looking buttons and decide if you want pins or hair clips or maybe you want to make a necklace with these super easy flowers.... the sky's the freaking limit! i put mine on pins and pinned them to the shoulders of a yellow Tee... no pics because i gave them away the same night i wore them!

happy crafting!



  1. I love these! They could be used on anything. I love muslin too. It gets a bad rap as a fabric. It's paintable, printable, cutable, all kinds of -able.

  2. so cute! my friend once dyed muslin with blueberries then made a bag. it's a fab fabric!

  3. These are so adorable!! :D

  4. Yep, I'm making this next. :) Love it!

  5. These are super cute!

    Can you take a picture with it on?


    Just Better Together

  6. GET OUT!!! I have a degree in fashion design and have been looking all over the place for people blogging about cool things they make and found your blog through Clothed Much. I went back and read a ton of your posts and love, love, love everything I saw...definitely a new follower here!

  7. I did it! I made some!!! I hope you'll come see and maybe even grab my button!

  8. I would LOVE it if you wanted to feature me! :) That would be awesome! Consider this my thumbs up! ;)

  9. I've been wanting to buy hair clips for my little niece, but now that you've shared a tutorial I don't think that I need to buy anymore. Thank you so much for the tutorial.


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