The hills are alive

Nov 4, 2010

If it wouldn't have been so chilly I probably would have frolicked around singing The Sound of Music, it was so pretty up there.

This is Eden trying to put rocks in her mouth... She got a few in there then realized that mud doesn't taste good.

These pictures were taken up Provo canyon a few weeks ago.
Thanks Scott!

Edens outfit~ Boots: Target, Tights: Target, Sweater: Old Navy, Top: Target, Flower: handmade

My Outfit~ Top: H&M, Belt: Old Navy, Boots: Nordstrom

Eden and I are both wearing Skirts made by me:)


  1. These pictures are totally gorgeous! I love your cute outfits---awesome skirts!!! YOur daughter is so darn cute! =) Seeing these pictures makes me miss Provo Canyon..I went to BYU for college!

  2. Wow. wow. WOW. These are incredible! Could you be any more beautiful?! The combination of the outfits is too perfect. I'm crushing on that belt BIG TIME. You have the most beautiful little muffin :)
    Oh... and I didn't make that dress. Sorry if it came off that way... haha. I'm NOT that talented. It was just made for me for my sister's wedding as a bridesmaid dress. Thanks for thinking so highly of me for a little bit though!! :)

  3. Sweet pictures Soph! Beautiful babe, beautiful momma!

  4. Beautiful photos, you both look lovely :)

  5. What a wonderful photo-shoot!

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos! Love your outfit!

  7. these pictures are so awesome!
    and you guys look so lovely, love the yellow belt and her head band!

  8. Oh wow! These pictures are stunning!

  9. Oh my these are gorgeous. Eden is darling and you look amazing.

    Your skirt rocks too!

  10. just found your blog from all this knaver'y blog... you guys make me wish i lived near by my sisters... i don't even know if you guys are near by one another but this blog just makes me miss my sisters and want to be closer to them... and my gosh, you and your little girl are adorable... love the classy look :)


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