"Save the Sleeves!!!"

Nov 5, 2010

i am loving sleeves with personality right now... i always feel a bit cuter with something going on in the shoulder area...

these lovely satin eggplant poofy sleeves came from an enormous dress i bought for $3 at TJ Max. i thought i could layer it and belt it... but it never worked 
i got out my seam ripper and ripped out those beautiful sleeves and added them to a charcoal grey Tee that i bought for $1 at the thrift store. i cut the neck hole so it would be more feminine and took it in at the sides..
the sleeves are supposed to be poofy so i gathered them till they fit the arm hole making them a bit poofier (is that a word... it is now) 

i cut the rest of my dress and made it into an elastic waist skirt...
 totally easy and quick

come on girls... selvage those sleeves!



  1. very cute... who can resist a puffed sleeve ala anne shirley style?

    i was thinking something like that would be cute attached to a coordinating or contrasting plaid shirt. like take a giant plaid shirt and reconstruct it to be a cute empire waist upcycle, and attach puffed sleeves like this... hmmm now i can't wait to take a trip to goodwill again = )

  2. Love it! It is so very cute!!

  3. Cool idea! I love the sleeves on you.

    Just Better Together

  4. Definitely...sleeves with a little added volume make me feel chic and sophisticated for some reason.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, fingers crossed

  5. this is brilliant... for sure. i would have never thought to do that! now i'm going to go hunting for some fluffy sleeve awesomeness that i can rework like this. :)


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