Orange shoes go with everything, no?

Nov 24, 2010

 i swear, i am not totally grouchy... sometimes i just look totally grouchy... i need to work on that 

 do you love how i made my bed just for you guys... 

this dress is one of my favorites... the pintuck detail... polka dots... girly flowy fabric... ruffles... AND $5 price tag! LOVE TJ MAX!  it is quite a few sizes too big but i can't imagine wearing it in my size cause i love the way it fits...

dress $5 TJmax
striped vest  $6 Macys
wrap belt $1 Forever21
necklace $2.50 Old Navy
Orange Sorbet shoes $5 Payless
(i promise i shoe shop other places, i just happen to be loving my payless finds alot lately!)
bracelets F21 & ? 

are you dressing up for Thanksgiving? or is it a comfy jammy day for you? dinner is at my house this year... 
wish me luck,
 i am a terrible cook... 

Hubby is in charge of frying the turkey at his buddys house so if he gets it right we will be in good shape... at least i don't have to touch the turkey guts... pray for us! ;)


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  1. I love the orange shoes! Coral lipstick would look super cute with this too

  2. Such a cute outfit...that dress rocks! Love the pop of color in the shoes. I probaly won't get too dressed up for Thanksgiving this one in my family does so I would stick out like a sore thumb!

  3. Love those shoes! And that dress is darling.

  4. I try to wear my red ballet flats with everything. sometimes I get funny looks from my husband, but I just keep my red shoes :)

  5. the shoes are lovely but i loooove the dress!


  6. you are gorgeous darling! i want that dress

  7. that dress is really cute, but the sweater and belt don't match! like at all!

  8. What a great outfit! I shop at Payless all the time too.

  9. i'm envying those shoes/dress

  10. I LOVE this dress! And you my dear are a MASTER poser. Gracious.

    P.S. I'm only 5'3. No long legs here :) I find it helps when I wear skirts above my knee!

  11. I gave you girls an award! Check it out!

  12. Um,these pics are FABULOUS! Newest follower.


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