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Nov 28, 2010

When I saw Olivia wearing these I just stared at them for 5 minutes... I WANT them.
You can find them HERE.
Liv found them in a local UO store and they had been returned from an online order....so she got an amazing deal, pricey still, but a deal!

Lets take a look at them again...

Liv, it was AWESOME seeing you for Thanksgiving good luck with the rest of the semester at FIDM!!
love your GUTS!
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  2. Those are beautiful! And I'm not one to say that - but they really are. From the first picture, I was all "no, too tough" for me, but I love the outfit she paired them with! Now I'm crushin.

  3. Oh my gosh those are awesome...over the knee with ties...perfect color...drooling...right..now.

  4. Umm those boots are amazing! I work at Nordy's and when I walk past boots like that I crave them!! And I love that you ladies are mormon too :)


  5. UM. I love statement shoes like that. And they look sooo cozy. Jealous.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. I'm pretty sure 'cool' is an overused lack luster word these days, but really, she just looks so cool.



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