shoe's i am drooling over

Nov 11, 2010

these were all found at a TJ MAx near me... i am simply too broke to splurge on them! :(

i LOVE LAMB!!!! i am in serious Winter Denial... i want, I NEED, these strappy sandals!!!

everyone needs these, am i right? Steve Madden, these are a masterpiece!

LAMB again... mmmmmm... yummy.

my mind reels with the outfit possibilities!


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  1. I'm loving the Steve Maddens!

  2. HO-LY momma! These are hot! hot! hot! I need to do more online shopping. Jeeze! You seriously have the BEST taste!

  3. Oh ops what was that...hmmm got some drool on my keyboard

  4. those steve maddens are exactly what i want to wear tonight. it's so hard to plan outfits with things you don't own!
    and thanks for the sidebar add! i'm so glad that i discovered the sisters 4.

  5. I'm a shoes victim!!!!!I woul buy them every day!
    my name's martina and I like so much your blog...
    I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me! I wait you!kiss kiss ^^

  6. LOVING these shoes (and your blog) :-)

    New follower!


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