super fast Winged Out Eye- Video Tutorial

Nov 12, 2010

so, ya, i kind of spazzed a little and forgot to use an actual mirror and just used the screen which is sort of a split second off so its not perfect... awe who cares! it was fun! i hope this helps... please ask anything i will be doing another technique for the same look, so if you don't have brushes you will be able to do it too!


i used Blanc Type and Scene matte eyeshadow on my eyes, MAC
Glam Eyes mascara, Rimmel
Glow blush, ELF
Cut A Caper lipstick (limited edition, get before its sold out!) MAC

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  1. You are so gorgeous. Miss you!! And thanks for the tutorial...not that I could ever do that to myself...and make it look like you...

  2. OK. My face was like 2 inched from the computer screen the entire time. haha I have been wanting to know how to do this look FOR.EVER. You're like my idol right now! Plus you're looking fabulously juicy in the first picture. Gaw, you're HOT!!

  3. Selina, this is an AWESOME tutorial! Good job... I watched it with Soph last nigth and was amazed! I do the winged out eye all the time but, it FOR SURE doesn't look that good!!!!

  4. Um HELLO! This blog is FAB! I love it! Thank you ever so much for the comment you left on my blog today. It was seriously the nicest thing ever. I will be following and loving it!

  5. You basically have the most steady hands I have ever seen ha ha. I am for sure going to try this! Thanks!

  6. Loved this thanks for the tips!



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