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Nov 17, 2010

so, turns out i accidentally posted and then un-posted Sophies Video tutorial on scarves... i would have just left it up but the sound is SO OFF that she is showing one look and talking about another... so, while we fix it here is some eye candy....

can we give Gwen Stephanie a round of applause... seriously.
this is literally a mix of a little bit of each sisters taste... i probably wouldn't wear the white flat boots but Elise would DIE the minute she saw those! Sophie and i would probably fight to the death over those brown wedges... and Livy, ah, LIVY would want them all. i may have the most shoes of the 4 of us but she is the most shoe-obsessed... she will research shoes and stalk them until she gets her pair... she's even willing to pay outrageous shipping and go to nearly any length (and sometimes price) for a beautiful pair... and when she gets that special shoe...
she wears them every day and sometimes to bed (ok, not TO bed but sometimes in bed) just so she doesn't have separation anxiety.... from her SHOES... and i thought i was crazy.


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  1. I gave you girlies an award today! I love your blog and a follower of you beauties!

    Hop on over and check it out!


  2. Aw man! I was looking forward to your video :(

  3. I saw the video! (maybe because I use Google Reader?) I love the brooch idea, making the long scarf into a circle one! I will definitely have to try that!

  4. cutest blog! i love the shoes!


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