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Nov 15, 2010

 *sorry for the fake out, this is NOT a video Tutorial... just what i wore when i made one....*

 the lighting is TERRIBLE my navy jeggings look black and so do my grey booties!

this necklace is my FAV!!! my friend gave it to me, she got it from her mothers stash and knew i was her only friend crazy enough to wear it me crazy

notice my little sugar had her head in every shot... good thing this is a style/DIY blog and not a photography blog!!!!

white tee, Pac Sun $4
purple wooden necklace, gift
black little bro blazer, thrifted $3
navy jeggings, Macys $13
grey granny booties, Payless $10
little blonde naughty kid... not for sale


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  1. I totally hear you on it not being a photography blog, I have to admit I totally feel pressure to take magical pictures sometimes....since when did I ever know how to take magical pictures??? Oh yeah never, I only know how to make fun outfits occasionally:)
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. I CAN. NOT. get over your luscious lips! Seriously. You need to copyright those things.

  3. are those chip beads? very fun = )

  4. love these heels! i am determined to wear some tomorrow.
    AND, i had chair and a blanket and a stack of books in my front yard today with my camera on top of it taking my pictures. and the neighbor drove by amd laughed at me.

  5. i love the necklace. and your earlier post with all the fun scarfs. now i need to buy one :)

  6. Syd already said it, but your lips are AMAZING!

  7. love it! that necklace is fabulous!


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