My favorite jeans

Nov 8, 2010

you all should know... that i literally crack up everytime i try to take pictures of myself... i feel like a major DUFFUS...
the "serious" face is always followed by the "you are so lame, you idiot" snort laugh...

this is the first time i could figure out an outfit  to go with this rockin' sweater vest...

the belt was what i had been missing the entire time! check out the super cool back... my fav!

these jeans are THE BEST EVER! i thrifted them years ago (before "jeggings" was even a word) they feel like leggings and support like jeans.... they are 
sadly, i have googled and googled and they are nowhere to be found, i will need a replacement pair the tag says "Rank" if you know about these jeans please help me!!!

super cool lace up booties + a wacky ballerina pose = i almost totally crashed into the dresser

i really should record the behind the scenes its so dumb that its pretty funny... well, i think so

at this point i am in hysterics so its time for my photo shoot to be over...

Rank jeans, thrifted $2
white Tee cut up by me, thrifted $1
Striped blue vest, Macys $3
black lace up booties, Payless $10

Selina's Tip: tie your shoes... 



  1. Well you might feel like a dork but we love them so keep doing them! Cute cozy little corner you have made for yourself. I love it.

    Skinny jeans are not my friends. I have and wear them but do not find them to be soooo comfy. Yours look great.

  2. Hot, hot! I want to know what you did to the Tee to make it look so fabulous!

  3. I love this outfit. The belt adds a lot to it too! :)

    Just Better Together

  4. I'd love to see a behind the scenes video! You should definitely do one sometime!

  5. cute outfit - u look adorable having fun with the pics!

    PS - want FREE art? - come 1 come all and *JOIN PHOTOgraphy Give-Away * .. if you interested of course!

    *kiss kiss*

  6. I found a pair called 'The Rockstar' at the old navy outlet for 17 dollars and I loved them so much i went back for a pair in every color. They are perfect skinny jeans and they have perfect stretch!
    (in case you can't find a replacement like yours.) (smile)


  7. You look great! I feel totally awkward when I take solo pics for my blog too. I don't know how so many bloggers make it look so easy and natural!

  8. I just found your blog today... I Love it!

  9. Finally posted pics of my "jeggings" among other great finds...

  10. i love that outfit, and i LOVE those shoes! please tell me those were a recent payless purchase?

    ps - love your blog! more blogging sisters = more awesome in the world!

    - adrien


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