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Dec 27, 2010

outfit details:
Hat~Craft fair 5.00
Striped sweater~Papaya 10.00
Knit scarf~ ??? had for years
Ruffle top~Burlington Coat Factory 6.00
Leggings~From Soph who got them from Liv...
Red boots~Gifted from Soph two Christmas's ago

I love how Elise layers clothes. She puts stuff together that I would never think of! It was so fun shopping for her Christmas gifts. I can't describe her personal style but I know when I've found an item she would love.

Side note: The family dance party was killer this year. We had a whole sound system set up and a black light and sweet tunes. Best Christmas Eve EVER!


  1. I totally love this outfit! I just went thrift shopping at Good Will and found cashmere and silk tops (around $150 each) for $3.50!! Got some adorable boots, a genuine leather wallet, and much more! I spent maybe around $30 in all!

    -aBBi giRL

  2. I loooove those boots! Super fun outfit!!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  3. Ok, so you just look completely snuggie in this outfit. That is a word, snuggie, look it up. Did people just hug you all day. Because that is what I would have done. Not that I'm creepy or anything. More like Elf. Approaching life with childlike curiosity and a love of warm fuzzy things. Seriously though, you look CUTE! Much love!


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