a bow tie and a dance party

Dec 21, 2010

Selina made me this bow tie hair clip last year just after I had my daughter.... It has been such a fun and useful accessory.
Shirt: Katherine's closet... literally.
Cardi: Elise's closet
Skirt: Thrifted 4.00
Tights: Target 3.00
Classic black pumps: Payless 15.00 and comfortable too!

I love traditions for the holidays, I am so excited to start traditions with my little girl. Our house was a little crazy growing up and we didn't have many set traditions, the only one that really stuck (and not on purpose) has been dancing like idiots to Christmas music.
Just to get a little insight on our family and dancing.... Recently my brothers friend came over and we were all in his room blaring earth wind and fire having doing a synchronized ridiculous dance move all together....His friend just joined in... THAT is how often these dance parties occur. They are NEVER planned either. You can say it...we are weird.

What are your most memorable traditions?


  1. I totally LOVE that shirt! It's adorable! Omigosh!
    I love every one of your posts! You guys are amazing!

    -aBBi giRL

  2. CUTE OUTFIT! Love it. The bowtie is the perfect touch! My favorite tradition is going to see the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve with my husband, this year will be our fourth year going!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  3. I love the nutcracker! We saw it earlier this month and I died... SO want to make it a tradition!

  4. You seriously look SO CUTE! I love that outfit! I remember that skirt from my wedding! You wore it to the temple! :)

  5. you look so good in that shirt! miss you already.

  6. i love this outfit. wow. i love that everything is thrifted or borrowed from people's closets. usually the easiest way to make an outfit for me, ha.

    i have been trying the eyeliner tutorial with some success! i guess practice makes perfect in this one. thank you, i've gotten some compliments and it felt awesome :)

  7. Love the ensemble that you've put together. It's amazing what you can put together on a dime.

  8. I LOVE this outfit! I've been wanting to sport a bowtie for a while now. Very cute.


  9. Oh em gee...this outfit is perfect. I LOVE the shirt, LOVE the cardigan, and that tweed skirt is seriously cute.

    That's funny about the dancing. Sounds like you have a pretty awesome family. :)

  10. Really adorable outfit :) Is your bow tied pre-tied?
    Have fun making traditions with your little one!

  11. Not sure why I haven't "officially" followed yet. You guys are all just so freakin amazing. Love this bow tie look. Gorg.

  12. the bow tie is pre tied and attached to a clip. I had to kind of safty pin it in place:)

  13. LOVE this outfit so much! Hope you ladies had a beautiful Christmas!


  14. i LOVE that shirt!!! please tell where it is from :(

  15. Janeen the shirt is from Charlotte Russe on the clearance rack.

  16. You look amazing! www.msmadeulook.blogspot.com

  17. no way! i don't believe it!! it's so cute!!!
    kind of crazy... also, i looked over at your other blog and came across some random picture, and i think we know a few of the same people in provo, small world... then again it's provo ;)

  18. ahhh this is so cute! i need a bow tie, like 5 hours ago. seriously, this is brilliant.


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