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Dec 15, 2010

Don't let this happen to you:

Easy. Fast. Inexpensive.
Check. Check. and Check!

You will need: A small clip or bobby pin, small 2inch by 2inch square of felt, scrap fabric, and a needle and thread.
Cut out 18 circles from your fabric. I used silky fabric and it's harder to cut so I recommend folding the fabric over so every time you cut you get four circles. (circles are roughly 1.5-2 inches)

Cut out a piece of felt a bit smaller than your circles.

Fold a circle in half then in quarters.

Attach to felt base.

keep adding them..

Until you get a nice poof.

I just put mine in my hair with a bobby pin...(side note: I originally wrote booby pin. HA)
To make it look polished put a square of felt inside the bobby pin or clip, add hot glue to one side and hold it down on the back of your poof.
 so easy!

You could also put it on a scarf, on top of a present or pin it on a T-shirt.


ps~ Remind me to take in that tan blouse or burn it. I look preggers in every shot. ehh.

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  1. definitely a cute and quick idea. :) I love creating hair accessories and giving them as gifts! :) I really love all your photos for this post though. Hehe so cute!

    Also Im loving the new blog banner! :)

  2. I love the idea of putting it on a scarf. Love!

  3. So cute and so easy! I would still probably manage to botch it up!



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