"Sister Pengelly, you look like a China Doll!"

Dec 20, 2010

 when i walked in to church yesterday (late, of course) the Young Women were pointing and giggling at me... i did a quick scan and didn't notice any thing obviously out of place or hanging out...
it was a rough morning though... i woke up with a start at 9:45... Church starts at 10. ya. I know.
best part... i was singing today for our Christmas Program! i had literally a minute to throw on clothes and my face...

thank goodness for Sydney's bun tutorial!

and MAC's Russian Red lipstick
(and mascara of course... never leave the house without it!)

i warmed up my voice like a mad women in the car... i'm sure i looked ridiculous. i made it just in time

Later i asked the Young Women what was so stinkin' funny and they said

"Sister Pengelly, you look like a China Doll!"

i think they meant Japanese Geisha Doll... either way totally awesome! it must have been the bun and the red lip because otherwise i was sort of dressed like a flight attendant
(i would love to look like Zhang Ziyi... so i am gonna pretend that is what they meant)

want to hear a crazy tip?

Black lip gloss... yes. i said BLACK...
put it over any bold lip color and it transforms it! my Russian Red turns to blood red with a little black gloss!


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  1. Thanks for the tip. You do look Asian like that. Jealous.

  2. you look beautiful! one minute prep time? geesh. jealous.

  3. you look gorgeous :) and black lip gloss? never heard of it! i might have to look for some!

  4. You look so hot!! Syd (your old neighbor, not the cool one who did the bun tutorial!! :) )

  5. The red lips look gorgeous (: Which black lip gloss are you using though? I've not really seen any.

  6. Black gloss, gotta try it sometime!

  7. its MAC but it was limited edition... i found this on their site, its pretty much the same thing..


    i know they don't have it at the counter but maybe at a MAC pro store ;) i should have posted something easier to find!


  8. You TOTALLY look like a doll. In the best way possible! I love it! Your eye makeup looks so pretty and shimmery. And the black lipgloss tip is very intriguing - The lipgloss I have makes my lipstick look a little more pinky/purple than I'd like.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  9. It's disheartening to hear that even in a non-judgemental environment like a Mormon church that there are blanket stereotypical statements like that. Chinese, Japanese, whatever, same thing! No, actually they are two very different ethnicities with very different cultures of which women don't all go around wearing buns and red lips.

    Maybe no harm was meant by it, but it's accepting those concepts.

  10. oh goodness no! not the same thing! that is why i clarified! the girls were only 14 so they didn't know... we had beautiful Japanese dolls in our home growing up so i knew what they meant... its that beautiful style that i adore and it was of a doll not a people or ethnicity in a general way and i appologize if it sounded that way, that was not how i meant it.

  11. I LOVE the idea of black lip gloss! I've never even thought of trying that! I definitely need to get some!

    (My best friend and I are new to blogging, check us out :D)


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